Building Hyper-Productive Scrum Teams

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The original knowledge
from the inventor of Scrum

Discover how Google, Amazon, 3M, Microsoft, Tesla and other top Fortune 500 companies leverage this world-renowned team management framework to achieve hyper-productivity.

What you'll learn

01 Mindset and Best Practices

Develop an understanding of the Agile and Scrum mindset, as well as the best Scrum practices.

02 Master the Roles in Scrum

Understand the role and responsibilities of Scrum Masters and Product Owners in high-performance Scrum teams.

03 Enhance Project Management Skills

Identify common challenges that plague project management. Acquire the skills to solve the mega issues by managing requirements and prioritizing work in a structured manner.

04 Build an Effective Team

Immediately assemble a good Scrum team to begin your project and product development.

Why CI Agile?

Get 2 credentials in just 1 course

The only course that covers the entire Scrum framework from both the Scrum Master’s and Product Owner’s perspectives.

Original Scrum knowledge from the inventor

True insights to the logic behind the design of the elements in the Scrum framework.

First-class education services

1-year unlimited class revision plus exclusive pre-class and post-class consultation support.

This course is for you
if you are facing:

Project delays
Budget overrun
Frustrating bureaucracy
Communication breakdown
Inefficient remote teams

What our students say

Inda Mulyani


I would say that my knowledge in Scrum implementation is half full, that's why I really enjoy this 3-day session, it was enlightening and I wish I can implement better and coach my team better.

Melon Guan


I learned that when implementing Scrum, not all Scrum events have to be implemented at once. Instead, we should optimize it according to the teams' current condition.

Adrian Neo


I enjoyed the case study assignment where we can apply our learnings and learning from each other's perspectives and suggestions to form the deck of PPT slides.

Kaylee Fong


I enjoyed the class as the Scrum knowledge really impress me a lot and was useful for me to help me & the organization grow in the future. This is training that will bring you and your organization to the next level.

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Turbocharge your career
through learning from the best

Years of Agile

Ethan is one of the most experienced Scrum Trainers in the Asia Pacific Region. With his collective real-life experience, you can trust him to deliver a valuable learning experience in your Agile journey starting from building a strong Scrum team to delivering business values and work results.

To date, he has conducted 300+ Scrum classes and has gathered excellent feedback from participants who experienced/practiced his curriculum over the years. Many enjoyed his programs that are meticulously designed to provide the candidates with an immersive learning experience. You will stay charged and curious throughout his interactive lessons which often includes sharing of his own practical experiences, interactive games, and discussions on thought-provoking case studies.

With Ethan’s excellent training performance, he was awarded to be a Scrum Fellow by Scrum Inc. in 2020. As Ethan decided to return to his home country, he accepted the invitation of Dr. Jeff Sutherland to become one of the three Regional Partners, focusing in the Asia Pacific region.

Ethan is currently in charge of optimizing the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale credentialing courses offered by Agile Education by Scrum Inc. to match the learning style of people in the East.

Apart from that, he is also responsible to screen, coach, mentor and certify Scrum Trainers and Scrum@Scale Trainers for the Scrum Inc. Agile Education Program by designing and conducting the Train The Trainer Program (TTT).

From Ethan's mentors

Jeff Sutherland
Jeff Sutherland
Founder and Chairman
Scrum Inc.
Ethan recently spent two days in Tokyo with me planning his Scrum@Scale classes. Having reviewed the plan carefully. I strongly recommend training with Ethan. These will be excellent courses.
Mike Cohn
Mike Cohn
Scrum Alliance
Ethan has been a strong proponent of doing Scrum well and has been of great assistance to Chinese companies looking to improve their use of Scrum and agile approaches.

Course agenda

Continuously refined everytime we teach.

  • Section 1: Dr. Sutherland’s journey and the origin of Scrum
  • Section 2: Understanding the Scrum roles and creating a hyper-productive Scrum team
    • Gain a deep understanding of the Agile mindset and the core design principles behind the Scrum Framework.
    • Operating a Scrum system with the correct Agile mindset will unleash the full potential of the Scrum system. Here, you will also learn how to create a strong Scrum team that delivers results.

  • Section 3: Deep dive into the product backlog and user stories as a business tool
  • Section 4: Master the planning process from product vision to starting a Sprint
    • In this section, you will explore Scrum as a great tool for enabling solid decision-making to target business outcomes and to eliminate waste.
    • Learn how to get off to a strong start on managing requirements and to think from the customers’ perspective.
    • Collaborate in teams to get structured hands-on workshops to guide you from Agile requirements to Agile estimations, to generating backlog and communicating it with the teams.

  • Section 5: Lean theory, Daily Scrum, and the Scrum board
  • Section 6: Continuous improvement with Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective
  • Section 7: Additional skills for Product Owner proficiency and Scrum Master mastery
    • Next, we explore how to execute the Scrum events the right way.
    • This section is about understanding the Lean theory behind Scrum to maximize workflow and obtain the results you want.
    • Utilize multiple tools to monitor work progress, to mitigate risk, and to make the best out of Scrum.

Endorsed and credentialed
by the inventor of Scrum

CI Agile’s courses are created and endorsed under the Agile Education program by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum

Agile Education Program

The Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™ was launched to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implementing Scrum in a way that delivers results. With a vision of leaving a positive, lasting impact on the world of work, Scrum Inc. created the Agile Education Program.

Students Credentialed
by AEP
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with Our Training

We have helped students from:

First-class education services

Every lesson delivers a unique experience

Before the class
  • Pre-class consultation
  • 4 chapters of carefully crafted True Scrum pre-readings & quizzes
During the class
  • Full trainer-led delivery
  • Class curriculum and materials designed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum
  • Real-world case studies based exercises and discussions
After the class
  • Complementary 1-year unlimited course revisions
  • Two exclusive 1-on-1 consulting hours with the trainer
  • Scrum Inc. examination support
  • Lifelong access to CI Agile global alumni community
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Frequently asked questions

Will I be given a full refund if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a full refund. However, we can help you reschedule to another class availability upon advanced notice (minimum 5 days before the class).
When will I receive the pre-class learning materials?
You will be given access to the pre-class learning materials one week before the class.
How do I sit for the examination?
You will be given an exam link after the class and you can sit for the exam anytime within 30 days of receiving the link.
What is the validity of the examination link?
It will be valid for 30 days after it is given out.
Can I resit for the examination if I fail it for the first time?
Yes, you will be given another free attempt after consulting your course instructor. However, a minimum fee will be charged for the third attempt.
What is the passing score of the exam?
You will succeed in passing the exam if you score 23/30.
What is the time limit for the exam?
There is no time limit for the exam. You can answer the questions at your own pace.