was the performance of the first Scrum Team.
Dr Jeff Sutherland portrait

Scrum is not just about setting up the Scrum events based on the Scrum Guide.

The real goal is to deliver exponential business results by enabling hyper-productive teams.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Signatory of the Agile Manifesto
Founder of Scrum Inc.


Why am I not getting this?
Some improvements,
Never world-beaters,
Not even close!
Book Cover - Twice the Work in Half the Time

LEARN the Original Scrum Knowledge

The True Scrum
AS it was invented.

NOT how it was commercialized.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's
first job

He went from being a university professor to taking on a job at a banking firm.

That was the start of his professional journey and the solutions he was going to create.

how everything was created.

the design logic and what problems Dr. Sutherland was trying to solve.

Then only we can configure it to
excel in our environment.

Dr Jeff Sutherland and Ethan Soo

Dr. Jeff Sutherland

Co-creator of Scrum
Co-signer, Agile Manifesto 2001
Creator, Scrum Inc Agile Education curriculum

Ethan Soo

Scrum Fellow, Regional Partner
Agile Education Program by Scrum Inc
Founder, CI Agile

JOINTLY delivered
with Dr. Jeff Sutherland via video footage and learning decks.

4 Essential Knowledge
To lead a hyper-productive Scrum Team

  1. Learn to apply Agile Mindset
  2. Create a good work structure
  3. Manage requirements
  4. Run efficient production
#4 is where the Scrum process is. You should worry about it last!
Group of four meeting

This is a World-Class
Dual Credentials Course

Where Scrum Master, Product Owners, and Developers can learn together.

And graduate as a True Scrum team
that proactively solves problems and constantly delivers a tangible business outcome.

Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner certificates

With a feature-rich learning experience

Where every lesson is a unique experience

Before the class

  • Pre-class consultation.
  • 4 chapters of carefully crafted True Scrum pre-readings & quizzes.

During the class

  • Full trainer-led delivery
  • Class curriculum and materials were designed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum.
  • Real-world case studies-based exercises and discussions.

After the class

  • Complementary 1-year unlimited course revisions.
  • Two exclusive 1-on-1 consulting hours with the trainer.
  • Scrum Inc. examination support.
  • Lifelong access to CI Agile global alumni community.

And a carefully-crafted learning agenda

Module 1

Agile Rising and Scrum
Scrum Team
Section 1
Dr. Sutherland's journey and the origin of Scrum.
Section 2
Understanding the roles and creating a hyper-productive Scrum team.

Module 2

Scrum as a Decision Framework
Product Owner role
Section 3
Deep dive into the product backlog and user stories as a business tool.
Section 4
Master the planning process from product vision to starting a Sprint.

Module 3

Scrum as a Delivery Framework
Scrum Master role
Section 5
Lean theory, Daily Scrum, and the Scrum Board.
Section 6
Continuous improvement with Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.
Section 7
Additional skills for Product Owner proficiency and Scrum Master mastery.

At the end of the class, you will be able to

  • Know the whole story, from both the Scrum Master and Product Owner perspectives.
  • Construct a good Scrum system.
  • Use Lean principles to reduce waste and accelerate production.
  • Leverage Proven Scrum Patterns to maximize success rate.
  • Practice True Scrum, the way it is meant to be.

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