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We are the first and only Agile training and consultancy company in South East Asia endorsed by Dr. Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum and the co-signatory of the Agile manifesto. We helped hundreds of organizations to successfully transform the way they work. We provide the resources and knowledge necessary to address your needs and drive better business outcome.

Who we are

Our mission is simple: to fundamentally change the way the world works through education, to continue the evolution of Scrum, and to be a model for how work should be. Committed to our mission, we help people across Asia to realise the original True Scrum knowledge in ways that consistently delivers greater results and produces hyper-productive, self-empowered teams.

What we do

With every client, we learn how Scrum fundamentally changes their way of working, and we use that knowledge to evolve Scrum and advance Agile practices around the globe. We believe in creating a productive and happy workplace through mentorship, training, and credentialing the next generation of Scrum Inc. trainers. Our global presence continues to grow so that we can be accessible to you whenever and wherever you are.

Where we are

We have 3 offices - Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The Singapore office is our regional headquarter in APAC, whereas the Hong Kong office serves our customers in East Asia. Our Malaysia office features our R&D and support teams. The Malaysia office assists our Malaysian and Indonesian customers.

Proven industry leader.

We are entrusted by Dr. Jeff Sutherland to be the Asia Pacific Regional Partner of AEP Scrum Inc.

CI Agile implements the Scrum and Scrum@Scale knowledge taught by Dr. Jeff Sutherland. We are the frontliner for Agile and Scrum knowledge in the Asia Pacific region.

As dedicated leaders in the Agile industry, we strive to evolve our educational experiences, content, and resources to address the needs of Asia Pacific businesses.

Global network of clientele.

Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies who use Scrum to reinvent how they deliver products, shape their organization, and drive stakeholder value.

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