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About the course

The True Scrum Incubator Program is a one to two years program designed to develop Scrum trainers capable of leading Scrum transformations in any organization to dramatically increase productivity, and drive profound growth.

The program offers structured advancement initiatives and mentorship opportunities by elite Scrum Inc. Fellows and Trainers for Scrum practitioners that are inspired to be the best trainers in the world and have a deep understanding of True Scrum.

Our mission

To educate and develop highly-regarded and distinctive Scrum Inc. Trainers capable of leading successful Scrum transformations using Dr. Jeff Sutherland's True Scrum and elucidating the knowledge accurately.

Why this program?

Logistic and Availability

The True Scrum Incubator Program aims to increase the accessibility of a clear path in becoming a Scrum Inc. Trainer. Participants admitted to the program will no longer have to travel to the US and Europe to become certified Scrum Inc. Trainers.

Direction and Progression Guidance

This program aims to provide participants with direction and progression guidance along their way to become a high-quality Scrum Inc. Trainer. Participants will receive coaching, mentoring, and timely feedback and comments from the faculty members along their Agile learning journey.

Language Choice for Non-Native English Speakers

Participants who are non-native English speakers will be allowed to use their native languages such as Mandarin, Malay, etc. to conduct their presentation. Participants will not be judged by their English proficiency but rather their knowledge in True Scrum implementation.

Process Overview

What you can achieve

True Scrum Trainer
You will become a True Scrum Trainer that advocates the original True Scrum knowledge of Dr. Jeff Sutherland that can improve teams' and organizations' performance and deliver real results.
Veteran Scrum Leader
You will become a veteran Scrum leader that leverages True Scrum knowledge to reduce waste, increase revenue, and do twice the work in half the time.
Continuously Improved Scrum Practitioner
You will become a lifelong learner and practitioner of True Scrum knowledge and continuously improve your Scrum implementation to deliver better results with Scrum.

Who this course is for:

Our Faculty Members

Ethan Soo
Andrew Lin
Jeff Stuit

Ethan Soo is the Asia Pacific Regional Partner of Scrum Inc. Agile Education Program. He is also the program lead of the APAC Train the Trainer Program.

It all begins here.

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This briefing will help you to understand the structure, the benefits, and to kickstart the program.

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