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About the course

In our 3-day course, you will learn the Scaling principles and Scrum methodologies behind building and running performance-oriented Scrum teams, and successfully scale Scrum to the entire organization including IT, business, operation, marketing, HR, and other aspects of the company to uplift their performance and Agility.

A continuously improved world-class program.

Achieve business agility by leveraging the Scrum@Scale infrastructure.

A successful organization starts from a successful team. This course will allow you to quickly improve your current teams and foster excellent cross-department coordination. You will be able to immediately apply the S@S framework in your organization and reap the benefits.

Duration: 3 days
Class type: Online virtual via Zoom
Level: Advance
Exam: 1
Instructor: Ethan Soo

What you'll learn

Who this course is for:

Unique learning experience

Every class can be extraordinary.

  • Impeccable customer support
  • Carefully crafted four chapters of pre-readings & quizzes
During the class
  • Real-world case studies
  • Hands-on, interactive activities, and exercises
  • Curriculum from the source: Designed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum
  • Complementary and unlimited course revisions for one year
  • Two exclusive one-on-one consulting hours with the trainer (Only applicable to 3-day courses)
  • Lifelong access to CI Agile global alumni community

Course agenda

Continuously refined everytime we teach.

1.1 Why Agile?

1.2 Three mega-issues when scaling Scrum

  • Prioritization
  • Working Product
  • Organizational Refactoring

2.1 Team-level process

  • Scrum Patterns
  • Scaling Scrum challenges
  • Inconsistent Scrum


  • 2 - 3 case studies to discuss within the team

3.1 Scaling Scrum and the Scrum Master

3.2 Cross-team Coordination

  • Scaling Scrum Case Study

3.3 The Executive Action Team (EAT)

  • Scaling Scrum challenge: bureaucracy & hierarchy
  • Pattern - The Agile Practice


  • 2 Scrum case studies to discuss with the team

4.1 The Product-Owner Cycle

4.2 Strategic Vision

4.3 Backlog

  • Prioritization
  • Decomposition and Refinement

4.4 Release Planning

  • Case study involving Scrum@Scale

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be given a full refund if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a full refund. However, we can help you reschedule to another class availability upon advanced notice (minimum 5 days before the class).
When will I receive the pre-class learning materials?
You will be given access to the pre-class learning materials one week before the class.
How do I sit for the examination?
You will be given an exam link after the class and you can sit for the exam anytime within 30 days of receiving the link.
What is the validity of the examination link?
It will be valid for 30 days after it is given out.
Can I resit for the examination if I fail it for the first time?
Yes, you will be given another free attempt after consulting your course instructor. However, a minimum fee will be charged for the third attempt.
What is the passing score of the exam?
You will succeed in passing the exam if you score 23/30.
What is the time limit for the exam?
There is no time limit for the exam. You can answer the questions at your own pace.